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It’s a free online educational program for future actors and videographers. Are you ready to dive into the world of video production and create a stunning content for people worldwide? That’s an opportunity for you!

We invite talented people to join our Boostcamp

We need more talent, and we’re ready to provide you with the knowledge you lack to help you unlock your potential as a creator.

  • 2 weeks of learning
  • Our professional videographers and actors share their experience
  • The most successful graduates will get a job offer to join our team

Welcome to the world of Video Production!

We produce amazing videos and continue to grow together!

We have 2 types of video projects, and for each of them we’re searching for both actors and videographers.

  • Acting school. Our goal is to prepare participants to work on acting projects (123GO!, La La Life, etc.) right after graduation
  • Crafting school. Graduates will be able to join crafting projects (5-Minute Crafts, Slick Slime Sam, etc.) with more skills

What is Video Boostcamp?

This is an educations course which includes:

  • Real practice in our fully equipped video studios
  • Feedback from the experienced mentors
  • Job offers for the most successful graduates of the Boostcamp

What will you learn?

Each schools welcomes both actors and videographers. The education for both streams takes place simultaneously in teams (just like our real work projects within the video production process).

Actors and actresses:

  • Playing various roles in front of the camera
  • Working in a team with a videographer
  • The basics of how to be a producer
  • Search for the highest-trending video ideas within the format


  • Working with a professional DSLR camera
  • The ability to set up lighting for any situation
  • The basics of subject and staged video shooting
  • Use of Adobe Premiere editing software
  • Working with actors on screen
  • The basics of how to be a producer
10 days

of new knowledge, tasks and communication with experts

2 streams

What are the requirements for the participants?

  • Fire in your eyes, discipline, flexibility and openness to new things
  • A phone and laptop for homework
  • As for experience or education, you don’t have to be a photo model or a professional actor/actress/videographer, or have ideal looks or similar work experience. We’ll teach you everything.
Video Boostcamp
Video Boostcamp
Video Boostcamp
Video Boostcamp
Video Boostcamp
Video Boostcamp
Video Boostcamp

TheSoul Teammate says

TheSoul clearly lays out its expectations for its teams and allows us to strategize how to best reach them. It’s a refreshing approach and it’s clearly served the company well. It’s been a pleasure to help TheSoul grow, and its workplace philosophy, in addition to the incredibly talented and creative team, means that the sky’s the limit for the future!
Eric Schultz
Eric Schultz
Senior Director of Communications
Video Boostcamp Video Boostcamp
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