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It’s a free online educational program for future Social Media Managers. Do you know what SMM specialists do? Just to remind you: they increase brand presence across various online platforms (YouTube, Facebook, etc.), publish and promote content, create social media campaigns, review page performances and analyse platform trends and news. We know it sounds cool!

We invite talented people to join our SMM Boostcamp

We have more than 2 billion subscribers across the world’s most popular platforms including Facebook and YouTube.

Who if not we can share knowledge on social media marketing? And with whom, if not with hungry and passionate social media lovers? Is it all about you? Then join our SMM Boostcamp to later join our SMM team.

What is SMM Boostcamp?

This is an online course which includes:

  • Online video lessons and practical assignments
  • Tests, quizzes, open-ended questions, and real cases for analysis
  • Feedback from the experienced mentors
  • Final task
  • Job offers for the most successful graduates of the Boostcamp

What will you learn?

The learning experience will be divided into 3 levels. After each of them, there’ll be an exam that students need to pass to go to the next level:

  1. Introduction to SMM (10 days): basic concepts and terms, familiarity with platforms, tasks for an SMM specialist.
  2. Working with platforms (14 days): the main platforms are YouTube and Facebook. Features, benefits, pitfalls.
  3. SMM at TheSoul Publishing (14 days): immersion into the specifics of the work of an SMM specialist for the company.

At the end you’ll need to complete a final practical task with a set of exercises, tests, and cases based on the materials studied during the entire course.

Upon successful completion of all 3 levels, graduates will get priority status when applying for a job within TheSoul Publishing.

1,5 months

of learning, new knowledge, tasks and communication with experts

3 levels

1 final task

What are the requirements for the participants?

This program is designed for external candidates who are ready to work remotely, without any experience in SMM. Although even minimal experience would be an advantage in the selection. The candidate whom we’re searching for:

  • has a good command of English (written and spoken)
  • is interested in the world of social networks, is always up to date with current trends
  • is interested in the content which is produced by TheSoul Publishing
  • is well versed in the different types of content
  • is responsible, and open to communication and exchange of experience
  • is adaptable to changes in the world of social networks
  • knows how to organize themselves and the work process

As for experience or education, you don’t have to be an SMM guru. We’ll teach you everything. Although, a little experience would be an advantage.

TheSoul Teammate says

I had the pleasure of being at TheSoul Publishing SMM Boostcamp. Pursuing my passion for SMM across the Program was definitely thrilling, and the amazing mentors have helped me learn so much about the area! Now I’m officially a Snapchat SMM! What’s better than turning your passion into a career?

To whoever is reading this – it’s time to seize the opportunity and chase your dream!

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SMM Boostcamp SMM Boostcamp
Upcoming start dates
20 — 28
May — June