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Our HQ office is located in Limassol, Cyprus, and our Leadership team is based here. At the same time, the office is also a video studio, which means that you’ll live and work in the atmosphere of creativity and fun day to day.

Cyprus is a wonderful, cozy island that experiences 320 days of summer a year. It’s an island of cats, and an island in the shape of a cat. The original island of gods and love, Cyprus is a multilingual, multicultural, and multi-religious country.

And being so many «multis» perfectly reflects why we opened our headquarters here. Here you’ll find various options of free lunch, delicious cookies at the kitchen, and of course, unlimited coffee and tea included.


people producing the best content ever


videos shot per month


thousands sq. m. of space

Is your job fun? Well, mine is! My colleagues have become my second family and my manager is the most encouraging, motivating person ever! I wake up happy to go to work, film with my friends, and create videos for the whole world to watch.
Senior Video Specialist
Every day is a new page with stories about creative people and many achievements here in TheSoul. It is a pleasure to do the work you love, especially in such a high-performing and friendly environment. Every day, with any task completed, I rediscover myself as a new self, with new skills and an eagerness for new challenges.
Associate Producer
Working at TheSoul Publishing is a lifetime experience! Being able to collaborate on a daily basis with so many creative and professional people makes every day a new learning experience. You can never get tired here, as there is always something new with the constant improvement of our resources, projects, and teams! Our team here is like a second family for us all, and accompanied by the culture of the company I can easily say that working here is so motivating and unique!
Technical Lead
For me, TheSoul Publishing is one big creative international family, and I’m glad that I’m part of it. Here you can gain new experience and share it. The most important thing is that we respect and motivate each other and care about one another’s growth. I’m very grateful for the opportunity that our company gives us to travel, to meet, and to expand our knowledge: with that, we are becoming more productive and professional in our job.
Video Designer
And what’s else
Grow, develop, study Grow, develop, study
Grow, develop, study
800+ training programs and materials in our internal academy
Amazing studio (which is also the office) Amazing studio (which is also the office)
Amazing studio (which is also the office)
Here you’re able to use high-tech equipment, choose appropriate film sets with all the necessary stuff in order to bring your ideas to life for millions of viewers worldwide
Of course, comfortable work conditions Of course, comfortable work conditions
Of course, comfortable work conditions
Competitive salary and performance-based bonuses, a cozy and modern office studio with areas for relaxation and recharging your mental batteries
Business trips Business trips
Business trips
We visit our studios in different countries to share experience with colleagues
Want to work here but live somewhere else? Check out our relocation program
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Limassol BG WayWin, Ayiou Athanasiou 62, Agios Athanasios