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TheSoul Publishing is one of the largest digital media publishers in the world, producing tons of entertaining and enlightening online content for more than 2 billion subscribers. We are the company behind the wildly successful DIY channel 5-Minute Crafts, the inspirational and creative channel Bright Side, and other popular channels across YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and more. With a team of 2000 creative minds globally, the growth of our company continues to accelerate every day.

We are on the hunt for a talented and seasoned Sound Designer to enhance the audio experience of our exciting projects!


Job responsibilities:

  • Develop and design original soundscapes, sound effects, and audio elements that enhance the overall auditory experience of a project;
  • Use digital audio workstations (DAWs) and other audio editing software;
  • Selecting music to accompany visuals and storytelling, ensuring it aligns with the project's tone and emotional impact;
  • Foley Artistry: Use or create/record foley sound effects to sync with visual actions and enhance the realism of audiovisual productions;
  • Audio Mixing: Balance and mix various audio elements, such as dialogue, music, and sound effects, to achieve optimal audio clarity, immersion, and emotional impact;
  • Organize and maintain a library of sound effects for efficient use;
  • Collaborate with Producers and other creative and technical teams to achieve project objectives;
  • Meet project deadlines with efficient use of time and resources;
  • Utilize sound to enhance storytelling and evoke emotions.


  • Proficiency in using audio editing software and tools to edit, enhance, and mix audio tracks;
  • The ability to create and design unique and fitting soundscapes, effects, and atmospheres for various projects using SFX libraries;
  • Skill in selecting appropriate pre-existing music to complement visuals and storytelling;
  • Expertise in balancing and mixing different audio elements to achieve clarity and desired emotional impact;
  • Understanding of acoustics and knowledge of various sound equipment, including microphones, speakers, and recording hardware;
  • A keen ear for detail and the ability to notice and correct imperfections or inconsistencies in audio tracks;
  • Troubleshooting skills to address technical issues and find creative solutions to audio challenges;
  • Flexibility to adapt to different project genres, styles, and deadlines;
  • Strong communication skills to understand and convey the creative vision and requirements of a project across different teams;
  • Bonus skill - ability to recreate and record everyday sounds (foley artistry) to sync with visual actions, enhancing the realism of audiovisual productions;
  • Bonus skill - knowledge of recording techniques, including field recording and studio recording, to capture high-quality audio.

What we offer:

  • Growth and development: internal academy with 800+ internal courses and materials, internal knowledge sharing, constant feedback from your manager, and no limits on launching new initiatives;
  • A tech-savvy approach and carefully structured processes: no red tape, transparent task management, asynchronous communication (with fewer meetings and more thoughtful written communication);
  • Creative vibes of the cool international team of TheSoul Publishing, a company whose unique ecosystem is friendly to any new ideas!
  • Remote-based, full-time cooperation (8 hours per day, Mon-Fri) with the opportunity to work from any place where you feel most productive.
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