SMM/Development Manager for Facebook pages — TheSoul Publishing

TheSoul Publishing is one of the largest digital media publishers in the world, producing tons of entertaining and enlightening online content. Our team of 2,000+ creative minds in 70+ countries shoot videos, make animations, and write articles every day in 20 languages for more than 2 billion subscribers around the world!

Currently, we are seeking talented SMM and Development Managers for our Facebook pages. Join us for a chance to learn and grow in your career. Apply now to be part of our energetic team!


Job responsibilities:

  • Plan content for FB pages using SMM Planning/MBS and monitor daily content quality.
  • Work on page growth by increasing watch time and earnings, as well as attracting new followers using different strategies, including “Invite to follow” via MBS.
  • Resolve disputes on FB pages promptly (3 times per week).
  • Address RPM/monetization policy issues promptly (3 times per week).
  • Review FB page performance weekly in the respective FB project, analyze changes, identify causes, and suggest improvements in case of decline.
  • Conduct experiments from LDMs/Producers within deadlines, adhering strictly to instructions.
  • Complete Asana tasks by the due date, overdue tasks are not acceptable.
  • Report errors in posts to IT promptly.
  • Adhere strictly to posting plans, underposting/overposting is not permitted unless approved by LDM.
  • Respond to Slack DMs immediately during working hours.
  • Pay attention to Producers' requests.
  • Attend 1:1 monthly calls, skipping without a valid reason is not permitted.
  • The monthly actual posting table should be filled in at the end of each month.


  • English proficiency.
  • Knowledge of any other language is highly beneficial.
  • Experience in SMM (not strictly mandatory).

What we offer:

  • Remote work with work from anywhere workplace.
  • Growth and development: internal academy with 800+ internal courses and materials, internal knowledge sharing, constant feedback from your manager, no limits on launching new initiatives.
  • A tech-savvy approach and carefully structured processes: no red tape, transparent task management, asynchronous communication (with fewer meetings and more thoughtful written communication).
  • Creative vibes of the cool international team of TheSoul Publishing, a company whose unique ecosystem is friendly to any new ideas!
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