Lead Development Manager for Creator Services — TheSoul Publishing

TheSoul Publishing is an award-winning digital studio that produces entertaining, positive and original content for a global audience and distributes it through social media channels as well as streaming platforms. We're a fast-moving, creative, and international company: with a global team of 2000+ talents, 40+ projects in 20+ languages, and 2 billion subscribers worldwide, we don't take our foot off the gas and continue to grow further.

Our Creator Services program offers services and tools to online content Creators to help them grow their revenue and business by better distributing on digital platforms. If you're passionate about social media and want to contribute by collaborating with some of the most popular Creators on the internet, join our SMM team as the new Lead Development Manager!


Job responsibilities:

  • Develop and Implement SMM Strategies and Instructions:
Create, refine, and continually update social media marketing strategies. Engage in designing and implementing approaches for quality content creation and curation while addressing any issues.
  • Oversee and Manage Team and Supervise Daily Operations:
Manage day-to-day activities and ensure efficient content posting while maintaining a smooth and effective operational flow across the team. Ensure the team of Development Managers/Social Media Managers performs effectively, and manage any challenges that arise.
  • Supervise Content Creation:
Oversee the planning, monitoring, and guiding of content creation projects, ensuring quality and adherence to timelines, and managing content curation.
  • Manage Hiring, Onboarding, and Training:
Take charge of recruiting, welcoming new team members, and conducting training sessions to ensure they are equipped for their roles. Coordinate and conduct learning process, like webinars and training sessions, to enhance the team's expertise and knowledge.
  • Support New Launches and Page Onboarding:
Lend expertise for launching new pages or features and support the process of integrating new pages on the platform, while ensuring effective implementation of strategies and workflows.
  • Develop and Update Payment and Compensation Systems:
Implement and maintain a dependable payment system for Development Managers and, if applicable, other team members, ensuring fair compensation.
  • Resolve Technical and Access Issues:
Address technological and access challenges promptly and integrate new solutions into existing processes to boost efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Facilitate Effective Communication:
Ensure clear and consistent communication with all stakeholders and assist in facilitating discussions among various teams and external management.
  • Participate in Organizational and Client Meetings:
Actively engage in meetings with clients and within the organization, aiming to understand and address needs and align with their expectations and objectives.


  • Good knowledge of Social Media platforms (YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat), including knowing how to use its analytics, keeping up with new trends, and understanding the different kinds of content you can use.
  • Past work as a Social Media Manager, Development Manager, or Lead Development Manager, showing you can effectively manage and grow social media channels.
  • A strong love for social media, staying up-to-date with current trends, knowing the best practices, and being excited about creating content.
  • Strong skills in analyzing data to get useful information from it, with a goal to improve performance and ROI.
  • Good ability to speak and write in English (at least B2 level).
  • Experience in creating workflows and processes, making and using Social Media Marketing (SMM) strategies, running experiments, and keeping track of and reporting on the performance of platforms/channels.
  • Ability to make, revise, and keep SMM guidelines and methods, fix technical and access problems, and bring new solutions into current processes.
  • Past experience leading creative teams is a plus.

What we offer:

  • Location: flexibility of remote work, ability to work from any place you find inspiration.
  • Creative vibes: 90% of company employees are creators who work from 70+ countries and make awesome positive content for millions of followers worldwide.
  • Growth opportunities: hundreds of trainings in our internal academy, DIY learning events, constant feedback from the manager, no limits to launching new initiatives.
  • Zero bureaucracy: an ecosystem friendly to new ideas, tech-savvy approach, transparent task management, fewer meetings and more focus on getting things done.
  • Inclusive culture: you will become a part of an inclusive environment where diverse teams can bring their best selves to work and thrive.
  • Recognition: work with a globally recognized brand and have a real impact on content that reaches millions.
  • A flexible, comfortable schedule and an opportunity to diversify your workload (full-time schedule - 6-8 hours/day).
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