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TheSoul Publishing is one of the largest digital media publishers in the world, producing tons of entertaining and enlightening online content for more than 2 billion subscribers around the world. We are the company behind the wildly successful DIY channel 5-Minute Crafts, the inspirational and creative channel Bright Side, and other popular channels across YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. With a team of 2,000+ creative minds globally, the growth of our company continues to accelerate every day.

And today we have a new, interesting full-time opportunity for you: our Archie5 channel is looking for an Actress/Actor.


Job responsibilities:

  • Be an onscreen actor
  • Be a finder - search for ideas for filming
  • Develop video scripts
  • Be responsible for the content and internal elements of a video
  • Be responsible for props required for filming (monitor purchases and make checks; this is the responsibility of a video specialist, specifically, not the camera operator or the props specialists, as you have to work with them)
  • Suggest a title for the video
  • Work on the final video together with the cameraman/editor


  • Language Proficiency: the candidate should have fluency in English, preferably with a British or American accent. This will enable her/him to connect better with our primary audience demographics and provide a natural feel to dialogues;
  • Crafting Skills on Camera: it is essential that the acandidate is adept at crafting or building items on camera. This requires not just the technical skills of crafting, but also the ability to explain the process engagingly and effectively to the audience;
  • Readiness for Experiments: the candidate should be open-minded and willing to participate in various experiments. This means she/he should be adaptable, curious, and adventurous, ready to try new things and step outside of her comfort zone;
  • On-Camera Conversational Skills: given the interactive nature of our channel, the candidate should be comfortable talking extensively in front of the camera. She/he should have excellent communication skills, be relatable, and able to connect with viewers on a personal level;
  • Participation in Challenges: the candidate should be enthusiastic about participating in internet challenges, demonstrating an ability to keep up with popular trends and social media phenomena;
  • Appearance: The candidate should have a unique and memorable appearance that helps her/him stand out and engage the audience. This could involve unusual or striking physical characteristics, or a distinctive personal style;
  • Team Player: the candidate should be able to work well with others, as she/he will often need to collaborate with different team members on set.


    Additional desirable skills and traits include:

  • Improvisation Skills: the ability to adapt to unforeseen circumstances or script changes would be a valuable asset;
  • Humor and Wit: given the casual and entertaining nature of our channel, a candidate with a good sense of humor will be better equipped to keep the audience engaged and entertained;
  • Social Media Savvy: familiarity with various social media platforms and trends can help the candidate connect with the audience and contribute to content ideas;
  • Reliability and Professionalism: the candidate should be reliable, punctual, and professional. This includes being prepared for shoots, respecting others' time, and taking responsibilities seriously

What we offer:

  • An informal working atmosphere filled with creativity; dozens of shooting locations and hundreds of talented colleagues;
  • Professional equipment and access to the necessary programs;
  • Official employment;
  • A decent remuneration;
  • Performance-based bonuses;
  • Free lunches in the office;
  • Health Insurance
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